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Each application requires its own approach through the different use of explosive, oxygen-reducing or toxic gases. Here is an overview of how we can support you in your segment.

Introducing the new gas detector ST480XI

The ST480xi is a stationary gas detector which is developed to detect a numerous of toxic gasses, Oxygen and Hydrogen with a high reliability. This all-round gas detector can be applied at virtually every type of industrial application. Functionality and maintenance of this new generation of gas detector meets today’s essential demands for reliability, accuracy and cost reduction.

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  • Water Industry
  • Refineries
  • Energy Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Marine
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Steel Industry
  • Laboratory / Universities

MPS next generation gas sensor

The hydrogen-ready MPS sensor makes gas detection a breeze on the industrial market. No drift, no sensor poisoning, and long-lasting life (5+ years) are just a few benefits of this gamechanging technology.

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