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A marine cruise ship sails at dusk on a Norwegian fjord

You can always count on us

When you run into trouble, we are there to support you. We follow a clear procedure and a team of people are ready to help you via email or phone, or directly at your premises. You can rest assured that we will not leave you stranded, even in the toughest of challenges.

About our emergency service

Illustration our worldwide local reach

There are many global challenges. Local support is one of them.

Two engineers at Consilium discussing the installation of a fire detector

Fast supply of spare parts

Commonly used and crucial spare parts are stored locally for quick deliveries. All other parts can be sent to you within two working days from our central storage. Warranty claims are handled by our after sales department to minimize waiting times. All products based on CCP (Consilium Common Platform) share many parts, simplifying your parts inventory.

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When you need us urgently

If your local office is closed, you can always call this number in case of an emergency. During the call, we will ask you to send an email with a written description and enclosed pictures (if possible). We want to avoid every risk of misunderstanding so that you can get the right support and spare parts promptly and prevent further delays.

Call our emergency service – a person at Consilium giving you the right support
Illustration of 95% success rate with first-time fix

Specific for marine

We are present in more than 55 countries, including all major ports in the world. With certified technicians and spare parts close to you, we reduce your time in the harbour and risk of penalties. Our first-time fix rate is above 95%. Signing a safety agreement (annual, proactive or full) further strengthens your immunity against unplanned stops. We also have a long-term commitment to supplying spare parts, particularly crucial for navies.

Specific for transport

Our worldwide network of certified technicians can help you with commissioning and service. Systems based on Consilium Common Platform are backward compatible and easy to upgrade throughout the lifetime of the train. We also keep track of project-specific article numbers for spare parts.

Specific for oil and gas

Every oil and gas facility is unique. We know the rules and regulations, and the importance of adapting to your specific needs to avoid disturbances in your operations.

Specific for building

We are present in Denmark, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Norway and Sweden with certified technicians. Our guides for fire alarms in different types of buildings show what you need to think about in the design phase. You can download the guides at

Talk safety with us

There are thousands of questions regarding safety. But there are also thousands of answers. Talk safety with us – we are ready when you are.

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