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Peace of mind
Accurate & credible documentation
Effortless planning & coordination
Quick resolution
Predictable costs

What can you expect

Fleet maintenance planning

Customized maintenance plans reduce costs and surprises, relief you from administrative burden, while having greater control over expenses and more effective budgeting and planning​

Proactive reminders

The convenience of not having to keep track of consumable ordering or scheduling of service. Automated reminders saving time and effort​

Crew training

Providing safety maintenance trainings of vessel crews. Online training program and onboard hands-on experience​

Pre dry dock survey

By having a clear understanding of the vessel’s condition before entering dry dock, vessel owners and operators can better manage their maintenance expenses by efficient repairs or replacements ​

Dedicated Single Point of Contact

With a single point of contact you’ll receive personalized attention, seamless communication, and a strong partnership that lasts for years​

On-line check, support and service

When support is needed the cyber secured way of supporting will available 24/7/365. Reduces the time to get support and in many cases reduces the need of flying in an technician

Worldwide 24/7 support response

With our remote support, you can rest assured assistance is always just a call or click away. ​
This ensures minimal downtime, faster issue resolution, and ultimately, better productivity for your operations​

Prioritized access to spare parts for obsolete systems

Spare parts for obsolete systems are a scarce commodity, as a service agreement customer you have priority access to spare parts to keep systems running and prolong time to replacement​

Exclusive savings and benefits

Additional benefits for cost predictability. With our service agreements, you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for and how much it will cost​

Extended warranty

With extended warranty, your investment is further protected against unexpected repair costs, beyond the standard warranty period.​

Annual manufacture service

Manufacturer service/ callibration complements your crew’s regular maintenance and ensures your system is maintained properly. Manufacturer service enables early detection and recommendations beyond the work scope of onboard crew​