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All relevant safety information in one system

Safety Management System (SMS) is a structured and documented quality system enabling the ship’s crew to identify potential hazards and take appropriate actions

The SMS details all policies, practices and procedures to be followed to ensure the safe operation of a ship.

Commercial vessels are required to establish and follow their SMS as it is part of the ISM Code.

SMiG can give you
4 extra minutes

It is acknowledged that the mental stress load in emergency situations challenges the ability to 
 maintain an overview of the situation and to respond expediently. SMiG provides early detection, offering a critical 4-minute head start over fire detection systems.

Early detection

Experience the power of early detection with SMiG. Offering, on average, a critical 4-minute head start over fire detection systems.

Real-time emergency progress

Get a clear overview of gas leakage, understand fire spread with smoke and heat mapping, and be assured of successful firefighting actions.

Safety monitoring and control

Interactive supervision and control of fire, gas detection, and other safety systems, providing a centralized overview for intuitive decision-making during incidents.


Enable data-driven analysis with reports, manage regulatory maintenance, and streamline testing and inspection for quality reporting.

Integrate SMiG with all safety-related systems

Potential Fire incident: How SMiG help you out

Early Detection

Alerts you before fire alarms, 
providing precious time to respond 
swiftly and mitigate potential 


Provides you with an overview – 
locate fires, assess smoke 
concentration and temperature, vital 
equipment, and make informed 
decisions without relying on paper 
deck drawings

First response

Get an immediate understanding of 
fire escalation, direct responders 
based on the evolving situation, and 
avoid the need to scroll through 
lengthy alarm lists

Fire Fighting & Containment

Follow the firefighting progress, 
redirect resources, and coordinate 
fire fighting efforts to ensure onboard 


Identify safe passages, locate clear 
pathways, lead evacuations, and 
receive real-time alerts when 
sprinklers are activated. Redirect 
resources for effective personnel