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Partnership with Roxtec – adding customer value

Our strategic partnership with Roxtec, a global leader in modular-based sealing solutions for cable and pipe transits, means strengthening our strong portfolio of trusted brands, systems and products in marine safety. The partnership reinforces our shared commitment to improve safety at sea and adding value to our customers.

With a strong presence in the marine aftermarket, we will add new services to the portfolio and offer inspection and services of Roxtec cable and pipe transits. By cooperating we will be able to use and improve our services for marine ship owners including inspection and maintenance work related to the fire safety system onboard – leveraging Consilium Safety Group’s global established service network, where we are always within reach.

The cooperation was made official in April 2023 and will develop over time in the respective markets where Consilium and Roxtec operate.

About Roxtec

Roxtec is the global leader in modular-based sealing solutions for cable and pipe transits. The seals provide certified protection against multiple risks and make a difference in demanding industries and challenging projects worldwide. The Roxtec invention for flexibility, Multidiameter™, is based on sealing modules with removable layers and ensures perfect tightness around cables and pipes of different sizes. Roxtec serves and supports customers in more than 80 markets with smart sealing solutions, digital tools and transit inspections.

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