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Product image of the CCP (Consilium Common Platform) module

Flexible enough to give you total freedom

The technical base for our systems is CCP: Consilium Common Platform. The platform is modular, backward compatible and developed in-house for total control of functionality. Choose the products you need today and change to whatever products you need tomorrow. You can upgrade while operating and easily integrate with external systems.

Ready for a second career.
Time and time again.

The UNI-detector is an innovation proving our approach to flexibility. You can program the detector for different smoke and heat detection tasks by choosing between 14 configurations and 5 sensitivity levels. Easy to install, easy to change and you can minimize your spare parts inventory.

Product image of fire detector with SIL2
Oil rig in Stavanger, Norway

“Together with Consilium and another supplier, we have successfully upgraded and put into operation the first of two fire centrals. So far we are very pleased with the new solution and are looking forward to having the complete system up and running in the near future.”

Gøran Solsvik, Project Leader Modifications
Wintershall Norge AS

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Products within energy safety

We provide addressable detection systems based on a broad range of fire (smoke, heat), gas (sampling, point) and flame (visual, IR) detectors. You can add manual call points, bells, sounders and lights as well as integrate safety-related functionality such as control of fire doors into the system.