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Early detection driven by AI

Thanks to connected systems and advanced sensors, you can constantly read what is happening in the facility. When something outside of the usual pattern occurs, an incident is created with the help of AI.

What if you had three more minutes?

When it comes to safety, a couple of minutes can decide more than a lifetime. Sometimes we only get one chance to act and that makes time the most valuable currency we have.

What if you knew before the alarm went off?

Did you know that at least 95% of all automated fire alarms are unwanted alarms? With the correct warning, they could probably have been prevented.

The cost of an unwanted alarm could be more than just the bill from the emergency services. It could mean a missed care intervention, a production stop, or an unnecessary evacuation.

What would it cost you?

Discover the app

With the Early Action app you can delegate assignments and easily maintain full control over your facilities and safety teams at all times:

  • Lead investigations, ask for assistance or submit a report about an ongoing incident.
  • Get a smooth overview or detailed account about past incidents at your selected facilities.
  • See the current status of your selected team members and facilities.

For more information and activation please contact your local Consilium representative or fill out the contact form below.

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