sm md lg xl

Safety management with convenience

With direct access to information via your computer or mobile phone, everyday life becomes so much easier. Avoiding unnecessary travel means more time for other tasks. It also lowers stress levels, reduces carbon dioxide emissions and saves you money.
In addition to remote access, you’re supported with checklists, journals, user manuals, automatically generated reports and logs.

  • Time saving
  • Environment
  • Cyber secure
  • Cost reduction
  • Remote support
  • Faster response time
  • Ease of access
  • Aggregated view of all your sites or vessels

Home screen

Easily choose which sites you want to receive notifications from by changing your status.
Under Sites, you see all the facilities you have access to
The symbols next to the text indicate the condition of the sites.

Test and verification

Test of the sensors different alarm levels and cause and effect.
With the Live Operation app you could stay by the sensor and make sure that it has been correctly calibrated.
Also applicable for various tests or commissioning of:
CGS Sampling system
Fire Detection system
Fire Door System
Cause & effect logic in interfaced system

Remote access

With Live Operations you have the control panel on your mobile phone. You can connect and disable the detector and get instant confirmation about status.

Instant notification

Get important notifications about faults in time so you can plan the maintenance work.

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