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Product image of SensEye – detailed view

You only need one lifeguard.
The best there is.

SensEye™ is a multi-talented lifeguard. One detector is all you need as it detects both black and white smoke anywhere and anytime. You can minimize your spare parts inventory. SensEye is easy to install physically and to configure from the central panel.

Product image of the CCP (Consilium Common Platform) module

Flexible enough to give you total freedom

The technical base for our systems is CCP: Consilium Common Platform. The platform is modular, backward compatible and developed in-house for total control of functionality. Choose the products you need today and change to whatever products you need tomorrow. You can upgrade while operating and easily integrate with external systems.

“User-friendliness is at the heart of Consilium – you should be able to work with our system without having to dig deep into a manual every time.”

Jonas Edén, Product Manager, Consilium Safety Sweden AB

View of Gothenburg

Guides about fire safety in different buildings (in Swedish).

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The smarter way to stay safe

Avoid unnecessary travel and manage all your building’s fire, gas and sprinkler devices from your computer or mobile phone. Using CS Connect+ is as good as being on site for tests and inspections. In addition to remote access, you’re supported with checklists, journals, user manuals, automatically generated reports and logs – and more!

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Products within building safety

We provide addressable detection systems based on a broad range of fire (heat, smoke) and gas (sampling, point) detectors. You can add manual call points, bells, sounders and lights as well as integrate safety-related functionality, such as how the control system controls fire doors.