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From bulk gas storage, tanker to bottled gas, industrial gas or fuel gas. When storing gas or filling gas cylinders monitoring for leakage is a must.

At filling stations, the propane (LPG) tanks are installed below or above the ground and the installations are in accordance with the applicable Publications of Hazardous Substances. At the locations of couplings and valves there is an increased risk of a leak. We supply specific LEL EEXd gas detectors and alarm devices such as sounders and signaling lamps for the safety of the buildings, personnel and the environment.

Also at gas filling stations for camping and recreational gas there is a risk for leakage. We like work with you in creating a safe gas detection installation suitable for your specific environment.

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Products used in the oil and gas sector


Detection of toxic gases and oxygen

GasAlertMax XT II

Multigasdetector up to 4 gasses

Gastec Tubes and Pump

Detection tubes & sampling pump

Gastec Air Sampling Pump

Air sample pump