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Boiler houses / boiler rooms with boilers operating on natural gas are used in many large buildings for heating. The Building regulations state that the construction of a building must remain intact after an explosion. However, such a hazardous situation (leading to a possible explosion) can be prevented by a gas detection system.

The building regulations only require measures in case of an explosion (such as explosion hatches). However, a gas leakage (of, for example, methane) can already be detected at an early stage by gas detection, so that a potentially explosive situation in a boiler house / boiler room can be prevented.

Compulsory gas detection: In some cases it is not possible to have explosion hatches, for example when the boiler room is in the basement. Then, according to the Buildings Regulations, it is mandatory to fit gas detection. The gas monitors can be linked to existing building management and / or HVAC systems. We would like to work with you to explore your needs.

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