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The processing of foods and the optimization of their shelf life requires the use of various gases. Nitrogen and carbon dioxide are for example frequently used for the packaging of fresh meat and vegetables. The danger of these gases lies in their oxygen reducing properties and that they are odorless. This creates possible dangers to people in the production area.

In addition to gases used during the packaging of food, various gases can also be released during the production of foods; it is not uncommon that this danger is over looked. For example: in beer, carbon dioxide comes from malt after fermentation, which can be released during the filling process. In all these oxygen reducing situations, the oxygen level in the production space can drop so that a life-threatening situation can arise.

To ensure that the production area is and remains safe, we look at the critical locations during production. We make a design for professional gas detection, but we also think about what needs to be done in the event of an incident. Therefore, you are not only assured of reliable equipment but also of a clear emergency plan. So you can keep your focus on production and your employees are assured of a safe working environment.

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