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With Consilium, you can go for SIL 2 everywhere or, for example, combine NON-SIL and SIL 2 in the same system.

Meeting your needs

How quickly can your fire detection system contribute to breaking an escalating fire? What are the gains in uptime if you can reduce the amount of false alarms? The risk analysis is the number one priority for us when putting together a proposal for you.

The modular design of our CFD5000 fire detection system allows us to create a customized solution, with different safety levels for your preferences. You can implement the system step-by-step and are not forced to replace all your existing systems.

CFD5000 is SIL 2 certified by TÜV NORD according to IEC 61508.

Every detail counts

Excellent products are fundamental for excellent fire safety. We offer detectors for non-explosive and explosive environments. All detectors are addressable and have built in short circuit isolators. You can find out exactly which detector triggered the alarm, reducing risk and saving time. The system’s Built-In Self-Test (BIST) continuously monitor important product functionality. Essential for fire detection systems that are supposed to meet SIL 2 requirements.

Talk safety with us

There are thousands of questions regarding fire safety in oil and gas facilities. But there are also thousands of answers. Talk safety with us – we are ready when you are.