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This is great. Swedish national public service television SVT covered a story about Consilium Safety Group´s Early Action, a mobile app to prevent fires for users who are required to have/use fire alarm systems.

In the news segment you can follow the principal at a school in Skåne, South of Sweden, who demonstrates how to use Early Action and talks about its benefits. They are also interviewing a manager at a group home for migrants in Malmö who were also using it.

We are happy that our fire safety solutions significantly impact Swedish public sector buildings and are even more delighted that more businesses and organizations discover the benefits of our fire safety solutions. Early Action is a software service developed by Consilium Safety that integrates with fire alarm systems.

The system can continuously collect data from all detectors and, from the app installed on a mobile phone, warn responsible persons who manage the fire alarm system about incidents that risks leading to a fire. In the event of a fire, time is the most crucial factor.

If the fire department can count a couple of minutes, it can make all the difference. That’s the big difference when using Early Action; it prevents potential fires and avoids the costs associated with emergency fire brigade interventions.

(In Swedish)
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