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Let us take as much responsibility as you want

Receive regular check-ups and maintenance without worrying about regulatory demands. Maximize the value of your safety systems and choose a level of involvement and training that makes perfect sense for your operation.​

Services included for each level

Table overview of the service value agreements

Learn more about Connect+ and how it makes your safety smarter.

The levels explained

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Essential SVA

Already set for your own safety inspections? Allow our certified specialists to handle the more complex yearly check ups and emergency calls, while you maintain total control from the Connect+ interface.

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Extended and Extended+ SVA

Rest easy with every regulatory demand taken care of. The Extended SVA gives you the complete maintenance, training and certification package. Still not enough? If you choose the Extended+ package you also get Early Action: The app that prevents unwanted alarms and warns you even before the alarm goes off.

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Is there anything else you would like us to help with? Select any add-ons you need to get the optimal support for your fire and gas detection.

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Add-on glossary


Monitor your fire detection system, digital log and journals through the Connect+ app

Creation of map of premises

Get a map that meets all legislative requirements, including emergency exits and fire escapes

Courses – certification + technical maintenance

Get training and certification for the mandatory responsible personell on site

Early action

Take preventive measures against unwanted alarms and fire hazards, by being warned in the Early Action app before the alarm goes off

Free emergency calls

Get 24/7 access to emergency call response and site visits included in the price

Monthly check

We provide and execute a monthly operation and maintenance plan

Quarterly checks

We provide and execute a quarterly operation and maintenance plan

Response time / SLA

Ensure the quickest response time possible for support and get you inquiries answered within a day

Service maintenance

Have us continuously monitor your fire installation

Temporary fire security for building sites

We take care of fire safety during the construction and/or renovation process of your building

Yearly service

Get annual service check-ups by an approved installer