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The potential risks determine what kind of service and support you need. When it comes to fire and gas detection, which is our area of expertise, human lives, the environment and material goods are at stake. Should something go wrong, you will have to face consequences nobody wants to face. The right service and support make a difference when safety counts.

Start with the risks

It is not possible to avoid all potential risks, but identifying the risks provides an excellent starting point for defining the level of service and support you need.

Let’s begin with material values. You can divide the risks into direct costs (e.g., damaged engine room) and indirect costs (e.g., delayed delivery of goods). Sometimes one event leads to another (e.g., an engine room fire stopping a shipment, resulting in late deliveries), which you also have to consider.

Now let’s move on to the value of your company reputation. Fire and gas detection protect the lives of passengers and crew, as well as material values and the environment. If an accident is caused by insufficient maintenance, how much money will you have to spend to win back the trust of customers and employees? How much time will it take?

Continue with the organization

With the risks and consequences outlined, your next step is to decide on what kind of maintenance you can do internally and what you need to outsource.

Consilium offers education and can help you create a learning organization. We have, for example, experts in gas detection ready to teach your staff about vital safety issues on-board – such as the difference between methane gas (light, moving upwards), propane gas (heavy, moving downwards) and how both affect detector placement. When your staff understands why things work in a certain way, they can take the right actions.

Consilium is also represented in every major port of the world. We offer local service and support with people who speak your language, knowing your market. Our “first-time fix” success rate exceeds 95% and if you really want to be proactive, you can sign a safety agreement with us.

Talk safety with us

Investing in service and support is cheap insurance to avoid expensive consequence costs. We can build your knowledge locally, and provide you with the service and support you that need. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our offering.

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