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Taking safety seriously is about never leaving anyone stranded. The basis for such a promise is having a network with local presence in strategic locations. Consilium is represented in more than 55 countries all over the world. You can rest assured that we are always ready to help you with product and system issues – around the clock, every day of the year.

Clear procedure

When you turn to Consilium, you get support in your local language from people familiar with maritime regulations related to fire and gas detection as well as emission monitoring. Every office can provide you with commonly used and crucial spare parts directly off the shelf. Other parts are available within two working days from central storage. Our internal processes for service and support are well-established throughout the organization.

Quick access to service and support means less time in the harbour. As fire, gas and emission monitoring systems are often considered critical during an inspection, you also minimize the risk of penalties due to malfunction. The local Consilium office is your first point of contact, and should the office be closed you can always access us on an emergency number.

Illustration of 95% success rate with first-time fix

Right the first time

Our certified service technicians can help you replace malfunctioning products. We have a “first time fix” success rate exceeding 95%, and signing a safety agreement is a way for you to further reduce the risk of unplanned stops. Having both fire and gas detection products based on the same platform, CCP (Consilium Common Platform), also means fewer spare parts to keep in stock on board. What is more, Consilium has a long-term commitment to supplying spare parts to the market.

Talk safety with us

When safety matters, whom do you trust? Consilium is prepared to go that extra mile to help you solve even the toughest service and support challenges so that you can maintain critical safety functionality. We have the products, people and processes in place.

Next time, we are going to talk more about the importance of service and support on board. Subscribe here and feel free to get in touch with us in the meantime for questions and discussions.