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Which level suits you best?

Consilium Safety Red Carpet™ has three levels: Silver, Gold and Diamond. Take the test and find out which level works best for your operations.

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Consilium Safety Red Carpet™

Wow – you became Diamond

Expect the most generous benefits, services and warranties. Every day of the year, wherever you are.

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Creating a deeper bond with you

Our intention with Consilium Safety Red Carpet is to create a platform where you and we can work even better together. Having strong bonds is always essential, not least when you do business to protect people, valuable assets and the environment.

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Red Carpet membership levels

Here is an overview of what you get on Silver, Gold and Diamond membership levels. To get an exact specification, you have to do the test.

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The membership level with the most generous benefits, services and warranties. We are with you all the way – 24/7/365.

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The membership level designed for smooth operations and peace of mind. You can upgrade to Diamond anytime you want.

Silver illustration


The membership level where you get reliable fire and gas detection products and support. You can upgrade to Gold or Diamond anytime you want.

Selling the idea of a strong bond

Think our loyalty program sounds excellent but need to sell it internally? Then our presentation about Consilium Safety Red Carpet might be useful.

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