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Safety management with convenience

With direct access to information via your computer or mobile phone, everyday life becomes so much easier.

Avoiding unnecessary travel means more time for other tasks. It also lowers stress levels, reduces carbon dioxide emissions and saves you money.

In addition to remote access, you're supported with checklists, journals, user manuals, automatically generated reports and logs.

More time

No need to plan or travel for inspections on site. Simply search and find any system under your management.

Less stress

no queues, no delays, no forgotten drawings at the office or missing reports.

Save money

access real-time data and tests functions without paying for travel.

Reduce CO₂ 

thanks to less travel you also reduce your carbon footprint

See the whole picture with ease

A Safety Management System from Consilium Safety gives you a clear overview of all your fire, gas and sprinkler systems.

Access all systems via your computer or mobile phone and see control panels, functions and make notify. Wherever you are, whenever you want.

Shortcuts for easy operation and status monitoring:

  • System status
  • On/off couplings
  • Fire alarm
  • Failure alarm
  • Advanced warning
  • Control menus

How it works

Compatible with all mobile and desktop devices

Supports all systems that have WebView built into a connected device, regardless of brand

Functions at your fingertips

As good as being on-site:

Graphical control panel enables remote use of all system functions

Tests of controls such as fire doors, remote control/test of sprinklers, fire alarms and gas

Shortcuts for easy operation and status monitoring

  • System status
  • On/off couplings
  • Fire alarm
  • Failure alarm
  • Advanced warning
  • Control menus

Supports multiple languages

Time-saving assistance

Automatic creation of supporting documents/reports save you time

Automatic logging function for reliable management of the system

Secure access:

Secure login and connection

Custom login for each user

GDPR compliant

Easy to find:

Access systems by their location or using the search tool

Electronic checklist of monthly and quarterly testing

Electronic inspection journal for other events and export to Excel

Integrated Google Maps shows fastest route from your position to the object

Direct access to user manual of connected system

Find your local contact

Send an inquiry

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