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An infallible choice for fire safety

While ensuring safety is an ongoing process – you can’t go wrong with the CD-PH. Short circuit protection, built-in self-testing, and reliable support make supervision and maintenance as easy as ABC.

Safe and secure tech

Adjustable smoke sensitivity

Unwanted alarm prevention

Reliable self-testing 

Innovative uptime solutions

With combined short-circuit protection and reliable self-testing you are ensured maximum uptime for your system. Periodic test signals keeps you in the loop, while well thought-out cover design effectively isolates any potential malfunction.

Multi-criteria detection

The CD-PH delivers quick and reliable detection of both smoke and heat anywhere. Built on the latest version of tried and tested technology, you can always count on a speedy response to danger.

One supplier that you can trust

We do not depend on any outside contractors for construction or know-how. Every part of the CD-PH is built in-house by Consilium. That gives you a reliable one-stop shop for spare parts and support.

More than just detection

Our detectors constantly read the room and feed you information. This allows us to create intelligent digital solutions that give you total control over your safety. Together with our modular system, you can also retrofit any unit without disrupting the loop.

Why connect with Consilium?

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Extensive experience
Reliable safety with a track record of 100+ years.

Worldwide support
Local and personal support all around the world.

Modular system
Replace individual detectors without disrupting the loop.

Innovative digital services
Maximize the potential and usability of your systems.

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