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Consilium Safety Group establishes operations in Costa Rica with its cutting-edge fire and gas safety technology.

– As a leading global player in the after-market industry, with a strategy that centers around customer closeness, we remain committed to delivering the highest quality and fastest customer support in the industry to ensure our customers’ satisfaction, says Marcus Andersson, CCO at Consilium Safety Group.  

With numerous bays along both the Pacific and the Caribbean coast, Costa Rica holds a strategic location for Consilium Safety Group’s marine offering. The proximity of Costa Rica to the Panama Canal, one of the busiest shipping lanes in world, makes it a crucial transportation hub.   

 – Establishing operations in Costa Rica will not only increase our capacity in Central America, but also in South- and North America. We look forward to strengthening our customer relations and growing together with our local partners in the region”, says Martin Steen, Regional Manager for the Americas at Consilium Safety Group.   

 Entering Costa Rica opens a range of new possibilities, not only in the transportation sector, but also on the land side where we can offer both gas detection and gas analyzers. 

– We see vast potential within both the marine segment and the land segment in this region. There is rapid growth within several industries on land and we see that as a strong opportunity to grow with our customers, says Martin Steen.   

 Consilium Safety Group has with its presence in Costa Rica expanded its network of offices to 29 countries across all time zones, providing fire and gas safety services and products worldwide.  

 – Being closer to customers is an integral part of our strategy. By establishing operations in this important region, we will strengthen our offering even further and provide second to none support to our customers, says Marcus Andersson CCO at Consilium Safety Group.   

For further information, please contact:
Malin Cardemar, CMCO, Consilium Safety Group
Telephone: +46 735 95 32 51