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Consilium Safety Group, a world-leading provider of fire and gas safety technologies, and Roxtec, the global leader in modular-based sealing solutions for cable and pipe transits, have announced a strategic partnership to strengthen their marine safety services.

“We are two companies with a strong focus on safety, both offering products and services that help protect lives and assets. We believe this cooperation creates a perfect match, says Roger Johansson”, EVP Business Area Marine & Offshore at Roxtec.

“As we are operating in the same countries worldwide, we can find synergies to create even greater value for our customers”, says Marcus Andersson, CCO at Consilium Safety Group.

Through this partnership, Roxtec and Consilium will reinforce the safety agenda in the marine industry and increase the support to marine and offshore companies when it comes to passive and active fire protection.

As part of the cooperation, Consilium Safety Group will become a trusted service partner for Roxtec cable and pipe sealing solutions. With an unrivalled presence in the marine aftermarket, Consilium will add new services to its portfolio and offer inspection and services of Roxtec cable and pipe transits. Roxtec, will be able to provide increased service and support to ship owners, leveraging Consilium Safety Group’s global established service network.

The cooperation between Consilium Safety Group and Roxtec is an important step in adding value to the marine industry.
“Cable penetrations are often located close to the fire detectors onboard a ship, and they are both an integral part of the fire protection system onboard. We believe that through this cooperation we will be able to add even more value to our customers and marine owners all over the world”, says Roger Johansson.

“This partnership reinforces our shared commitment to improve safety at sea. By cooperating we will be able to leverage and improve our services for marine ship owners including inspection and maintenance work related to the fire safety system onboard”, says Marcus Andersson.

About Consilium:
Consilium Safety Group is a world-leading solution provider of fire and gas safety technologies for the marine, energy, transport and building sectors. By combining safety expertise with intelligent detection, the company contributes to protecting lives, values and the planet through technology. What started in 1912 is today an international company driven by innovation. Consilium Safety Group is based in Gothenburg, Sweden, has more than 55 offices, covering all time zones, and strives to be a great place to grow for all its 900 employees. For more information, please visit

For further information, please contact:
Malin Cardemar, CMCO, Consilium Safety Group
+46 735 95 32 51

About Roxtec:
Roxtec is the global leader in modular-based sealing solutions for cable and pipe transits. The seals provide certified protection against multiple risks and make a difference in demanding industries and challenging projects worldwide. The Roxtec invention for flexibility, Multidiameter™, is based on sealing modules with removable layers and ensures perfect tightness around cables and pipes of different sizes. Roxtec serves and supports customers in more than 80 markets with smart sealing solutions, digital tools and transit inspections.

For more information, please visit

For further information, please contact:
Roger Johansson
EVP Business Area Marine & Offshore Roxtec
+46 733 31 31 33,