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A conversation with Graham Duncan

Partnering and collaborating with the most brilliant brains is the key to success. We had the opportunity to sit down with Graham Duncan, Managing Director at Micropack, located in Scotland, to discuss his work and Micropack´s partnership with Consilium.

Hi there Graham! Please tell us about Micropack
“Micropack designs and manufactures an industrial range of flame detectors with unique technology. Previously there were a lot of problems with infrared and ultraviolet-based flame detectors, constantly falsely alarming. Instead, Micropack developed a camera-based technology to detect fires visually,
a camera with intelligence. We also design and map the coverage in flame and gas detection. We have developed a unique software that ensures the correct number of detectors in the suitable locations.”

What was the biggest change becoming a part of the Consilium family in 2016?
“The acquisition opened up a vast number of possibilities. Consilium operated on a much larger scale, even if Micropack was a global company, but at a smaller extent. Now, we can work with several different Consilium companies which is great, we are valuable to each other.”

Tell us a bit about your journey with Micropack
“My background is in engineering, and during my initial years, I worked on projects worldwide. Eventually, an opportunity opened in sales management in Scotland. It was a significant shift in my career, going from being the guy who knows the systems to becoming the guy doing presentations about them,
but I loved it. My engineering background proved a significant asset, providing credibility to the products that I was selling. In the summer of 2023, I became managing director, which has allowed me to build bridges together with several different people and Consilium companies worldwide; it’s great.”

What inspires you in your work?
“Consilium’s vision of being number 1 in Safety tech greatly inspires me. Of course, my family and kids always inspire me. Still, from a business perspective, the ambition and determination to work towards becoming number one inspires me. Additionally, we ensure that loved ones come home safely. It might sound corny, but this is real life. These are real-life
safety systems.”