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Some years ago we decided to challenge the ordinary. The result is the UNI-detector – the world’s first detector you can program for different fire detection tasks. Time and time again.

One is enough

Platform-based thinking is nothing new. Just take a look at the automotive industry, where one frame can form the basis for many types of cars. The UNI-detector is inspired by this way of thinking. The hardware stays the same, but the software is interchangeable.

Having a programmable detector gives you many benefits. You don’t need to spend time on finding one detector for each task. You can reduce stocking of spare parts to a minimum. And you speed up the installation time as all detectors are identical.

Just program the UNI-detector to detect what you want it to. That’s all.

Works all the way

The flexible design of the UNI-detector is part of Consilium’s approach to developing flexible systems. Our Consilium Common Platform (CCP) is modular-based, giving you the freedom to build a fire detection system for any oil and gas facility. You can design a system with different safety levels (up to SIL 2) and implement it in steps. The UNI-detector is available for non-explosive and explosive environments.

Talk safety with us

There are thousands of questions regarding fire safety in oil and gas facilities. But there are also thousands of answers. Talk safety with us – we are ready when you are.