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Global trade is growing, and sea transportation is an essential part of the total logistics mix. A fire in the machine room is potentially very costly and dangerous to all on board, fuelling the demand for solid fire and gas detection knowledge and products. What kind of system design do you need to protect your business? Here is some inspiration from a recent project.

Beyond regulations

Stolt Tankers is a leading global operator of chemical and parcel tankers, with a fleet that consists of over 70 deep-sea ships. Primary areas of operation are the United States, the Netherlands and Singapore.

In 2018, Stolt Tankers contacted Consilium to discuss a gas sampling system for a cargo ship project in China. We deepened the discussion to include all aspects of fire and gas detection, with an emphasis on the value of going beyond regulations and using one supplier with one technical platform for two crucial safety systems. Stolt Tankers came to the conclusion that Consilium had the best offering. Installation in two ships is underway, and more is to come.

Increasingly important

One aspect of growing sea transportation is emissions. The new IMO emission regulations for 2020 have prompted some shipping companies to change from diesel to LNG, driving the need for gas detection. Many cargo ships use both point and sampling gas detection to spot LNG leakages in time. Some also add visual flame detection in the engine room. The cost of a engine room fire is around 100,000 dollars per minute according to Claes Åhman at The Swedish Club, a mutual marine insurance company owned and controlled by its members.

Investing in reliable fire and gas safety systems is an insurance for your brand. You protect your cargo from being destroyed or delayed and build a strong company image over time. You also show staff that you care about their safety, motivating them to stay and develop their skills. ​

Talk safety with us

All Consilium fire and gas detection systems are easy to retrofit as you can use the same cabling. The systems are also modular-based, making upgrades and changes possible in the future. What can we do to help you protect your business today and tomorrow? You are more than welcome to contact us. We are always ready to talk safety.