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Gothenburg – 24th October 2023, Early Action has successfully expanded its reach beyond land-based settings, such as offices, hotels, municipalities, and schools. This AI-based mobile app has the potential to revolutionize fire detection on vessels. It proactively alerts users before a fire alarm activates, providing a critical time frame that can be the difference between marine safety and disaster. 

In an era marked by rapid technological advancements and evolving safety challenges within the marine industry, the significance of ship safety management has never been higher. With the emergence of new fuels, complex systems, and the growing adoption of autonomous shipping, new safety concerns have materialized. 

Alongside these challenges, markets has witnessed the emergence of innovative technologies that can be applied to fire safety solutions. One such example is Early Action, an AI-based software service developed by Consilium Safety Group, which can be seamlessly integrated into fire alarm systems and improve fire detection on vessels. 

As marine organizations increasingly prioritize safety and efficiency, the integration of Early Action into their operations has the potential to become a defining feature of modern marine safety. According to Isak Nordberg, Global Product Line Manager at Consilium Safety Group, there has been a rising demand in the marine sector for Consilium´s Early Action. 

“We have received orders and requests from shipowners lately and are pleased to note that stakeholders are recognizing the importance of Early Action and the capabilities it offers. There is a rising demand among ship owners and managers for solutions that can help support the crew with effective emergency procedures that are transparent and easy to follow. To help identify changing conditions as early as possible and prevent fires, a rapid response is crucial to support fast and effective decision-making,” says Isak Nordberg. 

Rather than responding reactively to immediate threats, Early Action proactively notifies users with preemptive messages before a situation escalates to a fire alarm, providing a precious time window that could mean the difference between marine safety and catastrophe. 

“Imagine that there is an indication of a fire occurrence somewhere on the vessels. One or two minutes can make all the difference; a small, manageable incident can quickly escalate. Instead of solely relying on the vessel’s Head of Security, Early Action offers every crew member the opportunity to act before a potential fire occurs, says Isak Nordberg and continues:  

“Then again what about those vessels that has the wheelhouse unmanned when they’re in port, then the response time would be even longer and make Early Action even more effective. This increases the chances of preventing an escalation that could potentially lead to the loss of the entire vessel.”   

Early Action offers the same capabilities to the marine sector as it does on land. With the service’s ability to proactively provide the entire crew with early indications and facilitate rapid responses, it represents a notable step forward in ensuring the well-being of seafarers and the protection of vessels. 

“The fact that users receive an indication in a mobile app and that anyone with access to that application potentially can avert a dangerous situation simply testifies to the immense potential of safety technology,” says Isak Nordberg. 

Consilium Safety Groups key strengths lies in its steadfast commitment to research and dedication to innovation. The company’s substantial investments in pioneering technological developments underscore its position as a leader in the industry. 

Our commitment to technological advancement is unwavering. We are striving to lead the way in SafetyTech. With each innovation we craft, we drive the safety field forward on the journey. For us, safety isn’t just a goal, it’s a continual mission, says Isak Nordberg.  

About Consilium: 

Consilium Safety Group is a world-leading solution provider of fire, flame and gas safety technologies for the marine, energy, transport and building sectors. By combining safety expertise with intelligent detection, the company contributes to protecting lives, values, and the planet through technology. What started in 1912 is today an international company driven by innovation. Consilium Safety Group is based in Gothenburg, Sweden, has more than 55 offices, covering all time zones, and strives to be a great place to grow for all its 900 employees. 


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