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At the bustling heart of global trade, Singapore harbor, located at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, serves not just as a crucial player in commerce but also as a testament to the ethos of Consilium’s customer closeness approach. 

In the early morning light, the Singapore harbor awakens with a steady activity rhythm. The air carries a subtle blend of saltwater and industry, forming a distinctive maritime atmosphere. The intense movements of vessels and cargo handling give a hint of the harbor’s significance in the world of commerce. 

As a key nexus connecting Asia, Europe, and the Americas, Singapore Harbor symbolizes efficiency in global logistics, with most cargo here destined for transshipment. One of Consilium’s earliest international service hubs was established here.  

A local touch with global operations

Down by the harbor, we are welcomed by Edmund Shen, Managing Director at Consilium Singapore. With over 23 years of tenure at Consilium´s Singapore Office, a key provider of fire and gas detection systems for several decades, Edmund emphasizes the growing importance of local expertise in their operations.  

His experience reflects a broader industry trend where localized knowledge and capabilities are increasingly vital. 

“Given Singapore’s role as a pivotal transportation hub, prioritizing speed and efficiency becomes paramount. It’s crucial to understand our customers’ needs and respond swiftly; prioritizing local support, we build trust and ensure system uptime and peace of mind.” 

Edmund guides us onboard one of the vessels that Consilium recently installed, a fire and gas detection system, and thoroughly explains how the system works. This vessel, poised to depart for Australia shortly, exemplifies that quick access to service and expertise is essential.    

Edmund highlights the importance of understanding diverse markets and cultures in global operations. ‘In a multifaceted business landscape, local expertise is not just beneficial; it’s essential for customer satisfaction and safety,’ he says. 

From Singapore to Oman

As we make our way to the control room, Edmund shares insights into Consilium’s expanding global footprint. He mentions his colleague Manu Potty, Senior Vice President MEIA, who recently opened a new office in Oman last spring. 

Nestled along the Arabian Sea, the Port of Duqm in Oman stands as a crucial maritime hub and plays a fundamental role in linking Oman to the broader demands of global trade.  

With an advanced infrastructure, it efficiently manages logistics, facilitating the swift movement of cargo on both national and international scales. 

One of the key features of Duqm is its dry-docking facilities, a critical aspect of maritime maintenance and repair. The integration of these facilities within the natural and commercial landscape positions the Port of Duqm as a leading dry-docking hub in the Middle East, bridging continents in the narrative of global maritime commerce. 

During the pandemic, Manu Potty, Senior Vice President MEIA, observed a mounting demand for local partners capable of delivering rapid, reliable solutions, particularly fire and gas detection systems.  

The travel restrictions emphasized the need for access to service providers, and the aim was to address gaps in accessibility and provide essential resources and support to businesses in Oman.  

“Expanding our footprint into new markets is not just about business growth, it’s a reflection of our commitment to understanding and meeting our customers’ needs. Establishing a local presence has been crucial in this endeavor. Through this, we gain invaluable insights into market dynamics, enabling us to tailor our services more effectively and go beyond our customers’ expectations,” says Manu Potty. 

Manu Potty elaborates in the broader perspective of their local engagements.  

“It involves recognizing the dynamic interaction between technology and the broader communities it serves. Everything we do revolves around safeguarding assets and people’s well-being.” 

Bridging the Americas: strategic expansion into Costa Rica 

The very same month as the Oman office was established, Consilium opened an office in another part of the world, Costa Rica. A country that boasts a central position in marine commerce due to its proximity to the Panama Canal, one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes. 

Martin Steen, Senior Vice President Americas at Consilium Safety Group, recently emphasized the strategic nature of opening the Costa Rica office.  

“The expansion into Costa Rica extends beyond geographical reach,’ Steen noted. ‘It significantly enhances our capacity across central, south – and North America, fostering stronger customer relationships and closer collaboration with local partners,” he says.  

Building on this point, Steen shed light on the company’s wider strategy. 

‘Whether in Asia, the Middle East, or the Americas, our fundamental goal remains the same,’ Steen explained. “‘We are dedicated to being within arm’s reach of our clients, understanding their unique challenges, and delivering tailored, responsive solutions. This approach of close customer engagement is the thread that connects all our global operations, ensuring that our commitment to customer closeness remains strong”. 

After touring the vessel with Edmund, we head back to the office, walking along the bayside The Singapore Harbor unfolds around us serving as a sweep reminder of the importance of safety in maritime operations. As the sun sets over Singapore, casting a warm glow on the bustling harbor, Edmund looks towards the horizon. 

It’s truly incredible to think that, as we speak, Consilium’s dedicated employees all over the world are working to enhance safety. 

Manu Potty
Senior Vice President MEIA
Edmund Shen
Managing Director Singapore
Martin Steen
Senior Vice President Americas