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We develop unique electronic solutions with high-cost efficiency and short lead times. With ownership of the entire production chain, we solve everything from circuit boards to box building and cabling. Our solutions cater to a variety of markets with high standards and requirements. Basically, this means we realize ideas that meet all possible criteria, always with high quality.

What requirements do you have for your products?

Our various services

Contract manufacturing

The basis of CSS Productions’ business is contract manufacturing, which means that we produce products or parts according to an agreement with the customer. We produce everything from prototypes to large series with highly automated manufacturing. To ensure that the products are of the right quality and function, we carry out careful checks both manually and automatically throughout the production process. We have also built up our production with an efficient flow (LEAN production) to increase cost efficiency and reduce lead times internally and for our customers.

Box building

We have many years of experience in the final assembly and encapsulation of units in small and large volumes. We do everything from mechanical assembly to cabling, sensitive screens, other final assemblies, and appliance cabinets.
Many of our customers use their products in demanding environments with high requirements for protection against corrosion, chemical impact, thermal shock, vibrations, and other things that can have a negative effect. Therefore, we offer protective coating and embedding of components or entire circuit boards that effectively protect the product from influence.

We also perform a thorough final inspection and testing to ensure that the product is fully functional and of high-quality. The testing gets done with either customer-specific test equipment or other test methods that we ourselves have developed. The goal is always to ensure a long service life for the product.

Development and construction – from concept to contract manufacturing

We are experts in aiding with the development and production of new products, and we prefer to work closely with the customer from the concept stage to provide our knowledge of component selection and design for manufacturability. Through a large stock of standard components and a purchasing department with a broad network, we can usually offer short lead times when manufacturing prototypes.

Our experienced team prepares and programs prototypes in the normal production flow and performs checks and adjustments in consultation with our quality department. We consider quality feedback from the customer as a crucial part of collaborating and improving the products. We report and follow up on such things as; the selection of components, placement, amount of solder, laying of conductor paths, pad size, insulation distance, heat distrubution on the board surface, enclosure, and assembly for the next step in the development process.


We manufacture cabling of varying complexity for both large and small customers. During manufacturing, we carefully follow customer-specific descriptions and drawings. We always make inspections to ensure that everything works as it should and is of high quality. Many of our customers also want us to test the cables according to their specific methods, which we, of course, make sure to do.

We have a broad knowledge of cabling and use only high-quality materials and well-known brands. We cut the cables with high precision both automatically and manually so as not to damage the wires. We also offer tinning, insulation, and sealing to complete comprehensive cable systems.

A reliable supplier with long experience

Consilium Safety Sweden Production today consists of approximately 40 employees. We have recently moved to new production-friendly premises at Hisingen in Gothenburg. We have built solid experience with large and small customers in all different segments, and several of our employees have over 20 years of experience in manufacturing and construction. Of course, we are also ISO certified for quality and environmental management systems, which means that you, as a customer, can be sure that you are in safe hands.

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