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The outbreak of the coronavirus affects the whole world and it has a growing impact on the global economy. Nobody knows how it will end, but we are convinced that we will continue to keep the society going. Keeping up with the forever changing situation evolving around us, is not an easy task but we are doing our best.

We have, since the beginning of February, had a dedicated team focusing on keeping us up to date with the progress of the virus spread globally and the consequences it might have on our employees, the everyday business and our customers.

We have adjusted and made changes to secure health above all, and have for some time now, chosen to meet via video meetings rather than physical meetings. So, let’s meet over Skype or Microsoft Teams, or whatever tool you are using, or – if you would rather pick up the phone, we are only just a phone call away.

We believe that this corona crisis also may bring some positive effects. We are going to learn a more sustainable and digital way of meeting. We are going to learn how to work remotely, from home or other places and that will give us both flexibility and less travel, which in the long run will be a more sustainable way of working.

Overall Operation

Our global organization and our network covers most part of the world and we are today operational with employees working from office or remotely to ensure we keep delivering on our commitments as far as possible. Our local offices are supporting you in your local area. This has now become even more important when boarders and countries have restrictions.

Service & Support

Most of our service engineers around the world are today restricted to local travel by car. We have a confirmation process in order to confirm current situation onboard after ports visited and crew travel, as well as understanding the policy put in place by our customers to follow. We are at the same time putting all our efforts to assisting remotely as far as possible.

Spare Part Deliveries

We are fully stocked and see no shortage in critical components so we are safe to say we can deliver needed spare parts. The only restriction we have today is the freight itself that can take longer than expected as informed by our courier partners.

Production / Supply Chain

Our two manufacturing sites in Gothenburg, Sweden, and Free Trade Zone, Shanghai, China, are running smoothly and have capacity in both production and warehouse to deliver. Our suppliers are able to deliver as well and there are only minor disruptions so far and we expect to be able to continue to deliver both with help from suppliers and from our stock.

Forwarding / Freights

For forwarding and delivery services, it is of high importance that there is a consignee for every shipment. Please make sure that shipments can be delivered, and that the consignee is open and will accept deliveries. Freight forwarding companies have warned that we are under force majeure circumstances and should they be unable to deliver shipments, they might not have the resources to track a missing package.

Freight charges are higher than normal, and surcharges are common and will be added on. Any unforeseeable delays outside the reasonable control of Consilium will constitute ‘force majeure’ under the current circumstances. Please note that there is no guarantee with regards to delivery times and dates due to the fluidity of the situation.

Project Departments

We are supporting our customer from all our offices. The employees are either working from home or from the office. As for now we do not see any disruptions in our support towards the customer.


We have full support from Sweden and our local market companies. Working from the office or home using telephone, Skype or Teams for customer meetings.

All of us at Consilium, will work hard to get through these special times and our aim is to give you the same safety and support as always with the help of our One Global Team-mindset.

Talk safety with us

There are thousands of questions regarding safety. But there are also thousands of answers. Talk safety with us – we are ready when you are.