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Water Mist vs Sprinkler

Advantage of a Water Mist System

  • Lower consumption
  • Less water damage
  • Waterproofing and draining facilities not necessary
  • Excellent cooling effect
  • Excellent oxygen block effect
  • Extinguishable fire type

Water Mist vs Gas Equipment

Advantage of a Water Mist System

  • Non-toxic
  • No personal accident damage
  • Ventilation and exhaust facilities not necessary
  • Low operating cost
  • Quick action
  • Fire extinguishing in open space
  • Required minimal installation space compared to Gas Equipment
  • Extinguishable fire type

System design

Closed fire extinguishing system

Mainly used in building. Characterized by independent operation in the event of a fire.

Central technology

  • Permanent monitoring of piping system by atmospheric pressure
  • Local fire extinguishing according to the atomization discharge method

Open fire extinguishing system

Mainly used in industrial fields. Characterized by being operated with an open nozzle and dry pipe.

Central technology

  • Fire target area can be set
  • Operation through fire detection system
  • Manual operation

Application field

High-pressure spray fire extinguishing equipment is used in a variety of industries.

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