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As the cruise travel industry gradually returns to normal after the pandemic, Consilium Safety Group is better equipped than ever before. By way of its recent acquisition of fire safety specialist Microdata, the group can provide a more competitive offer in fire safety in general and for new large cruise projects in particular.

The Swedish safety company Consilium Safety Group and the Italian fire detection company Microdata, have many years of valuable partnership. As a result of Consilium Safety Group’s recent acquisition of a majority of the shares in Microdata, the collaboration is fortified, and together the companies are now ready to accelerate their joint development.

“Together with Microdata, Consilium will strengthen its position globally in fire safety. We can now provide a complete offer, not least to the cruise industry where Microdata is an appreciated expert, respected by shipyards and shipowners alike “, says Nicklas Bergström, CEO of Consilium Safety Group.

Following the acquisition, Microdata will have access to Consilium Safety Group’s global service organization, where technicians and service staff currently are being trained in Microdata’s products.

“We utilize each other’s strengths, Consilium Safety Group’s strong network and Microdata’s innovative technical solutions. Our collaboration in research and development allows us to provide an innovative edge that benefits our customers.”

Microdata has about 25 employees and approximately 71 MSEK in revenues (2020). The ambition is that Microdata will grow in the marine market through investments in the safety area, and more specifically within fire detection. In the long run, Consilium Safety Group sees opportunities to establish Microdata in other markets.

This is the second acquisition made by Consilium Saftey Group in a short time. On 8 November 2021, the acquisition of UniPOS was announced. Combined these two acquisitions will strengthen Consilium Saftey Group’s offer further in the areas of marine safety and fire detection market and reinforce the Group’s position as a leading producer of safety technologies for the marine, oil and gas, transport and building sectors, with a total of 900 employees and 1500 MSEK in revenues (pro forma).

For further information, please contact:
Nicklas Bergström, CEO Consilium Safety Group
Telephone: +46 708 57 41 12

Consilium Safety Group

Consilium Safety Group is a world-leading producer of safety technologies for the marine, oil and gas, transport and building sectors. By combining safety expertise with intelligent detection, the company contributes to saving lives, material assets and the environment. What started in 1912 with speed logs is today an international company driven by innovation. Consilium Safety Group is based in Gothenburg, Sweden, has more than 55 offices, covering all time zones, and strives to be a great place to work for all of its 900 employees.

Microdata Due

Microdata Due is an Italian product company that develops and manufactures fire detection systems (FDS) for the marine market, i.e., cruises, the navy, yachts, ferries, and cargo ships. Microdata Due has more than 40 years of experience and is a leading supplier to the Italian navy since 1974. Since 2000, the development of a new analog addressable FDS system has prompted growth in the cruise market worldwide. Today, Microdata Due is maintaining and enhancing leadership in the marine market. Believing that the keys to success are innovation and technology, a belief held by highly skilled employees and technical experts, handling the complete chain. The headquarter is in La Spezia, Italy’s design core location.

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