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Consilium Safety Group Launches Early Action
– a Mobile Fire Prediction System

Consilium Safety Group launches the Early Action mobile app that makes it easier to prevent fires for users who are required to have/use fire alarm systems. The result will be that unnecessary and costly use of the fire brigade and evacuation of workplaces, such as offices, hotels, hospitals etc. are prevented. 

Previous generations of automatic fire alarm systems will soon be outdated and are well on their way to being replaced by more advanced and connected solutions adapted to the customers’ requirements for effective fire alarms. One such digital system, that is now being launched, is Consilium Safety Group’s new mobile app Early Action which will greatly simplify work for those required to have/use fire alarm systems. 

Before a situation has escalated as far as a triggered fire alarm, usually followed by the fire brigade getting called out, users with the Early Action app on their mobile phones will receive a message indicating that a fire alarm is about to get triggered.   

Early Action gives the user the opportunity to act on the warning, based on the early information in the app about a possible fire or unwanted alarm. An unwanted alarm might be triggered by a such simple reason as a construction worker drilling a hole in the wall, someone in a nursing home burning food on the stove, a baker who forgets to turn off a hot oven or even someone taking a hot shower. 

“Early Action’s immediate value for the customer is getting a quick indication when something is about to happen. Instead of being surprised by a fire alarm, the customer receives a warning, a prediction of fire. This gives the user the opportunity to solve the cause before a real fire alarm is activated, with significant costs and inconvenience as a result”, says Thobias Ernfridsson, Chief Technical Officer at Consilium Safety Group. 

Early Action is built around software that Consilium Safety Group has installed in the customer’s fire alarm system and advanced cloud-based software. With the help of this the system itself continuously collects the status of all detectors and, via the mobile app, warn the customer’s responsible person managing the fire alarm system, about incidents that risk leading to a fire. The fire alarm system can be installed in any facility, ranging from an office, hotel, or hospital to an industrial property – yes, even a ship. 

By avoiding a fire alarm, the fire brigade does not have to be called out. Considering that 95 percent of all automatic alarms to the fire brigade in Sweden are unwanted, this would mean large savings of tax money and more efficient use of the fire brigade’s resources. 

“Being forced to evacuate workplaces in the event of an alarm is also very costly. Just one hour’s absence, which is not uncommon, means a loss of income for an office of about SEK 1,000 per evacuated employee. For industries that is affected by loss of production, the cost is significantly larger”, says Thobias Ernfridsson. 

For further information, please contact: 
Malin Cardemar, CMCO, Consilium Safety Group 
Telephone: +46 735 95 32 51 

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