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Consilium Safety Group, a global leader in fire and gas safety systems, and the industry organization Säkerhetsbranschen have started a collaboration that covers several areas of the Security industry’s education.

As part of the collaboration, Consilium donates fire detection products to the Security University’s laboratory. The donation gives the students the opportunity to apply their knowledge practically and learn about the industry’s latest and most innovative products.

“There has been significant development within both security technology and the real estate industry, and it is therefore important that the competence keeps up pace with this progress. We want to provide future safety engineers with the opportunity to understand how these systems work, and we’re pleased to be able to participate and contribute by educating them”, says, Anna Skanse, Human Resources Manager at Consilium Safety Group

In the long term, Consilium will receive trainees who choose to specialize in fire safety.

“Here we see an opportunity to contribute to increased competence to better meet future needs in fire safety”, says Anna Skanse, Human Resources Manager, Consilium Safety Group

The CEO of SäkerhetsBranschen, Jeanette Lesslie Wikström, also sees many opportunities of development in collaboration with Consilium.

“One purpose of our education is to provide competent labour for the member companies and the industry, and this new collaboration is a step in the right direction. We can ensure that our students get a rewarding internship, while a Consilium can make its business and products visible to the future workforce. We also see room to develop the collaboration in the future based on upcoming needs and opportunities”, says SäkerhetsBranschen CEO Jeanette Lesslie Wikström.