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In an exclusive feature article by one of Sweden’s most prominent outlets, Göteborgs Posten, our CEO, Philip Isell Lind af Hageby unveils our transformative journey. Describing Consilium as “a hidden pearl” with a rich history as a maritime safety specialist.

Acquired by French infrastructure fund Antin in November, the move holds significant implications for the future of Consilium Safety Group.

“We are a world-leading player, even though not many are familiar with us. The entry of our new owner in the first half of 2024 opens up numerous possibilities, says Philip to Göteborgs Posten.

Consiliums path involves developing products for fire, smoke, gas, and flame detection in challenging environments. Consilium’s detectors already safeguard various settings, from cruise ships and hospitals to energy installations and hotels.

In the article, Philip emphasizes Consilium’s unique position as a safety and high-tech company.

“We are a safety and a high-tech company, two concepts that we have merged into being active in Safetytech. It has created a sense of pride within the organization, with many driven by a safety mindset and the belief that we are making positive contributions to the world.”

With a focus on research and development, Consilium has welcomed over 120 new hires this year, with an additional 55 in Gothenburg. The plan is to continue this trend in the coming year.

Consilium Safety operates globally with over 1,000 employees, a quarter of whom maintain systems in 55 countries worldwide, primarily at sea.

The company commands a significant market share of 40 percent in the maritime safety sector. Consilium is poised for expansion into new countries, customer segments, and product lines, with a specific focus on the transport and hotel sectors.

The article conveys Consilium’s global impact, highlighting its position as one of the top in transportation safety globally and eyeing growth opportunities in India.

The Nordic region is also a strategic target, given the increased growth across all Nordic countries on the land side, focusing on safety solutions in environments such as hospitals, nursing homes, and hotels.

Göteborgs Posten also highlights Consilium’s  innovative solution Early Action, a software that integrates with fire alarm systems. The system can continuously collect data from all detectors and, from the app installed on a mobile phone, warn responsible persons who manage the fire alarm system about incidents that risk leading to a fire.

The news outlet also writes about Consiliums contributions to safety in the energy sector, such as a flame detector capable of detecting hydrogen.

Additionally, the company has developed detectors on the marine side capable of remotely testing smoke alarms, reducing the need for physical inspections on cruise ships.

During significant identity transformation in recent years, Consilium is dedicated in its commitment to being a pioneer in safety-tech globally, as expressed by Philip Isell Lind af Hageby.

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