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In 2017, Consilium Marine & Safety AB chooses to take the next step in its already existing partnership with the charitable organisation Mercy Ships, by contributing with volunteers to Mercy Ships’ hospital ship. Now, Consilium is sending its second volunteer to work onboard the hospital ship, Africa Mercy, for one month’s time.

Mercy Ships owns and operate the world’s largest civilian hospital ship that offers free medical care and education to some of the world’s poorest countries. Mercy Ships started in 1978 and has since then helped over 2.5 million people in more than 70 countries. Every year, around 1,000 volunteers contribute to Mercy Ships’ vital work, from surgeons and nurses, to ship personnel and administrative staff.

In 2015, Consilium Marine & Safety AB entered a partnership with the charitable organisation Mercy Ships and in 2017, the partnership was further strengthened by Consilium contributing with volunteers, to Mercy Ships’ hospital ship, Africa Mercy. Many of Consilium’s employees feel strongly about Mercy Ships’ cause, and some are already contributing as volunteers with various administrative duties here at home.

Lillwi Lyreö is Consilium’s next volunteer to visit Africa Mercy. She arrives in Guinea at the end of February and she will be on board the hospital ship for one month. Lillwi will help in the service sector and probably as a Housekeeper, or similar, she will give a helping hand wherever it is needed.

For a number of years I have helped Mercy Ships Sweden to translate texts in my spare time. The texts and all the stories about the life-changing work Mercy Ships do have touched me very much, so when I now get the fantastic opportunity to go onboard as a volunteer at Africa Mercy, in Guinea, I feel great gratitude. I look forward to see and experience the fantastic work they do with my own eyes and I look forward to meeting people of different ages and life situations, in a completely different environment. I have worked within logistics for many years and I am deeply impressed by how Mercy Ships manage this hospital vessel, with all that it entails, in such a successful way.

“We are very pleased that we are sending our second volunteer to Africa Mercy. This time it is our employee Lillwi Lyreö who will help us to further strengthen our partnership with Mercy Ships. Our partnership with Mercy Ships has a positive effect on all of us as we can see that the work Mercy Ships does, truly helps people in difficult conditions. The volunteer interest in Consilium is growing and we are encourging our employees to contribute to this important social work. Our commitment to Mercy Ships is also an important part of Consilium’ s work for increased sustainability and a strengthened community engagement”

Nicklas Bergström, President at Consilium Marine & Safety.

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