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In December, we teamed up with the Research Institute of Sweden (RISE) and Lighthouse, and published research results from our study on how fire safety on ships can be improved with Artificial Intelligence and big data.  

We are proud that we have contributed to such a valuable research in order to make the shipping industry more sustainable and safe. These findings have been fruitful. We hope that within a year, we will launch a visualization tool, that has the ability to give the right person the right information to facilitate the decision-making process in the event of a fire on board. 

These visualization tools are the first step to fulfilling Consiliums vision of fully autonomous fire protection systems as described in the report. 

– These findings from the study have been beneficial for many reasons. Firstly, we got a completely new vision of how the future of the fire safety system can look like. Our picture is much broader and clearer now concerning how far we can go and how far we want to go. This has created a new idea and innovation mindset for us. We are now walking on a path towards a future with an autonomous fire protection system, says Kenth Sandell, head of innovation at Consilium, in an interview with Lighthouse.  

You can read more on this (in Swedish) here,  and here a Google translation to English.