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In mid-May, one of Malmö City´s facilities obtained a new digital service called Early Action, an AI-based service that can thwart fires. Two weeks after the installation, ‘Early Action` prevented a potential fire and a costly fire brigade emergency.

You have probably spotted fire extinguishers and blankets in different locations with signs saying, “keep it in a handy place.” These products have been around for a while and are undoubtedly helpful when a fire erupts.

Needless to say, the importance of fire alarm systems role for life safety, property protection and business continuity are evident.

However, in a new era of digital fire safety, technologies have emerged in the market that can help existing solutions. Early Action is one example of that. It is a software service developed by Consilium Safety that can be implemented in fire alarm systems.

The system can continuously collect the status of all detectors and, from the app installed on a mobile phone, warn the responsible person who manages the fire alarm system about incidents that risk leading to a fire.

Riccardo Boggio, who works as a coordinator in Malmö, was the one who used ‘Early Action` to prevent the fire that erupted in one of their facilities.

I received a notice on my phone. It warned of an ongoing smoke development in an apartment in one of our properties. I replied directly in the app that I was looking into the matter. When I arrived at the condo the app had identified, I saw smoke and fumes from food cooked on the stove. I opened the balcony door, so the fire alarm won’t turn on, says Riccardo.

Riccardo demonstrates the application, shows how easy it is, and says that it requires no significant test efforts.

I received the ‘Early Action’ app about two weeks ago and just installed it and followed the instructions on how to use the service, says Riccardo.

Early Action can continuously read the collected data from all the facility’s sensors and precisely analyze what is happening in the system.

In this case, regarding smoke and heat levels, it can automatically alert the person or persons who have the app. Early warnings and incident signals in case heat or smoke values behave abnormally.

– We have been testing Early Action for a month and find it very useful. It has potential. We have many facilities where we can use the service, mainly at homes and schools,” says Mats Hansson, security specialist responsible for Malmö city’s fire safety.

The Swedish Civil Protection agency (MSB) statistics show that around 95-96% of all automatic fire alarms in Sweden are unwanted. According to Mats Hansson, the city of Malmö invested in ‘Early Action` to reduce the number of unwanted alarms and calls.

We have about five calls a week from our homes. These fire brigade evacuations cost Malmö and the taxpayers half a million Swedish kronor a year. So far, we have benefited instantly from the app from two sharp incidents. We could quickly find ourselves right next door and were able to avert the situation. The second time, we solved it via the app, says Mats Hansson.

For further information, please contact:
Malin Cardemar, CMCO, Consilium Safety Group
Telephone: +46 735 95 32 51

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