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High performance hydrogen flame detection.

Designed for hazardous industries where fast hydrogen flame detection is critical and nuisance alarms are not an option. This detector comes with a huge detection range without sacrificing an inch of accuracy.

Wide area of use

40 meter detection area

5+ Hazloc approvals

Designed to meet SIL2

Excels in harsh conditions

Never worry about putting your system to the test. Engineered to endure extreme weather conditions, the FDS303H remains reliable through snow, ice, and condensation.

Long distance detection

Cover every inch of your operation, with fewer units needed than ever before. This detectors cutting edge IR-sensor has been independently tested to demonstrate it can detect a hydrogen plume fire at a record high 40m (131 ft) in 5 seconds.

Self-monitoring technology

Maintenance prediction and early warnings take the guesswork out of the equation. The sensor accomplishes this by automatically measuring dirt on the lens with IR technology, which is immune to sensor poisoning. This preventive technique also eliminates the risk of measuring drift.

More than just detection

Our detectors constantly read the room and feed you information. This allows us to create intelligent digital solutions that give you total control over your safety. Together with our modular system, you can also retrofit any unit without disrupting the loop.

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Extensive experience
Reliable safety with a track record of 100+ years.

Worldwide support
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Modular system
Replace individual detectors without disrupting the loop.

Innovative digital services
Maximize the potential and usability of your systems.

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