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All strong cruise operator brands are based on trust. Nothing can go wrong when you have thousands of passengers onboard enjoying their holidays far out at sea. One part of creating trust is installing reliable and easy-to-use safety systems for fire and gas detection. This time, we are taking a closer look at how the global shipbuilder Meyer Werft make sure their latest ships for prominent cruise operators live up to high demands on safety.

A new line of ships

The Meyer Werft is a family-owned shipyard in Northern Europe run by the seventh generation of family members. Consilium has been working with Meyer Werft for a long time and was awarded “partner of the year” in June 2018.

The latest project between Meyer Werft and Consilium concerns a number of cruise ships for well-renowned cruise operators Costa and AIDA. Each ship measures 337×43 metres, has a gross tonnage of 180,000 and room for 5,200 passengers. Having such a large number of people on board demands first-class safety systems such as fire and gas detection.

The cruise ship AIDAnova – celebration


detector units


units for fire door control


flame detectors

Securing operations

The fire detection system that protects people on board consists of 13,500 detector units and 1,300 units for fire door control. All balconies are protected by 1,800 flame detectors (and a corresponding number of sprinklers) to fulfil the SOLAS regulations for combustible materials onboard. As the ships are environmentally friendly and run on LNG, there is also a gas detection system with 120 detectors for early warning of potential methane leakages in the machinery spaces, increasing people safety further.

You can only make money when a cruise ship is in action, living up to all your customer promises on having a good time without any interruptions. The new fire and gas systems for Meyer Werft fulfil the latest regulatory demands and can, therefore, pass all inspections by authorities. What is more, all systems from Consilium are modular-based and backward compatible. You can always make changes to the system and upgrade it with new devices using the same cabling.

Talk safety with us

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