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Avoid detention

The authorities can prevent your ship from leaving the port due to remarks on the fire or gas detection system.

Having access to prioritized service from Consilium Safety helps you avoid detention. With representation in all the major ports worldwide, we can give you the technical support you need within short notice.

Example: Merchant ship

Consilium Safety:
Prioritized services worldwide
Service cost

$1,500 – 3,000

Another supplier:
No local service representation
Service cost and air ticket (approx.)


Approx. savings

$1,900 – 2,800

Other costs that might occur

  • Additional port fees
  • Longshoreman overtime
  • Tugboat standing idle
  • Pilot standing idle

Avoid delays

If your ship is delayed, for example, due to detention, you might want to run the ship faster and win back the time. But fuel cost typically accounts for 55-75% of the operating expenses. Service with priority from Consilium Safety keeps your downtime to a minimum, saving lots of money on your fuel bills.

Example: Cruise ship

Consilium Safety:
Prioritized services worldwide
Additional fuel cost


Another supplier:
No local service representation
Additional fuel cost


Approx. savings


Other costs that might occur

  • Fewer opening hours onboard
  • Additional crew costs
  • Passenger compensation
  • Fire patrol rounds
  • Increased emissions

Save costs

Service, spare parts, training and support tend to pile up and lead to unsurprisingly high costs. Being part of Consilium Safety Red Carpet™ means you get prioritized in these areas as well. Everything is dealt with from a local perspective – close to you and your colleagues and in your local language.

Example: Values per vessel on Diamond level (fire)



Extended warranty


Onboard training


Online training


 3 hours free support


Total value


sm md lg xl

What’s it worth to you?

It only takes a minute to find out. See for yourself what you gain on the different membership levels.





Ship icon
10 vessel(s)
Ship icon
5 year(s)

Membership levels

Here is an overview of what you get on Silver, Gold and Diamond
membership levels. You can sign an agreement for fire, gas or both.

Diamond illustration

The membership level with the most generous benefits, services and warranties. We are with you all the way – 24/7/365.

Service Center Global priority access 24/7/365
Speed of parts 24h
Lifetime support Vessel-specific ”end-of-life” bulletins and solutions when applicable
Online training 8 crew members
Support hours 3 hours
Extended warranty 4*12 months
Safety level check After 12 months
First time Fix Included
Onboard training Safety level check
Gold illustration

The membership level designed for smooth operations and peace of mind. You can upgrade to Diamond anytime you want.

Service Center Global access, local business hours
Speed of parts 48h
Lifetime support General ”end-of-life” bulletins and solutions regularly
Online training  4 crew members
Support hours 2 hours
Extended warranty 3*12 months
Safety level check After 12 months
Silver illustration

The membership level where you get reliable fire and gas detection products and support. You can upgrade to Gold or Diamond anytime you want.

Service Center Local office only, business hours
Speed of parts 72h
Lifetime support Retrofit solutions are available up on request
Online training 2 crew members
Support hours 1 hour
Extended warranty 1*12 months

Selling the importance of priority

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