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CGS50/500 Gas sampling system

Gas sampling system that automatically detects explosive and toxic gases. Meets IMO/SOLAS requirements and classification rules and can detect from 64 sampling points.

Continuous innovation

Built to fulfil the demands of today and tomorrow. Based on the legacy of Consilium with ease of use and peace of mind. The new CGS50/500 gas sampling system is ready to detect potentially hazardous leakages in ships around the world.

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10 vessel(s)
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5 year(s)

Avoid detention

A real-life example: The US Coast Guard inspected an LNG-FSRU, found the gas calibration log unsatisfying and prevented the vessel from leaving the terminal. Ordering and performing re-calibration took 36 hours. The daily rate for an LNG-FSRU is roughly $100,000 (penalty costs excluded).

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